I tried to make a wool wheel.

Recommended hand -set wheels that are regularly assembled every month. Recently, I was a little busy and I skipped it for a long time. How about color rims sometimes? Speaking of color rimsSL-42The deep rim like this is the first choice, but I feel like I want to choose a thin rim and attack the cool or cool place. This time from H Plus Son, which is reliableTHE BOXSelect gold. Color custom tends to be cheaper if you stick with color. I want to assemble it firmly. The best durability for the hub. He says that it will never breakPHILWOOD TRACK HUBI think there is a romance in its weight. It's too much that I thought about. 。 The habit is strong. 。 。 There is a wheel that divides the pros and cons even with the staff feeling. I think that is just right because the wheels are assembled with hands. H PLUS SON THE BOX x PHILWOOD TRACK HUB Custom Wheel F/¥ 38,800- R/¥ 41,800- But if you assemble it on the body, it will definitely be cool! ! Actually, I assembled it for that. I hope we can introduce it soon. Donmishi! Please feel free to consult with the hand group wheels and quotes. I have a drawer, so I hope you can rely on it. Junki → Click here for inquiries ← yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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