Leader Bikes 735tr "SHRED88" Custom !!

This time, BROTURES original carbon wheels just restocked"SHRED88"of735TRI installed it. Super deep rim for a very thick aero frame! It's a royal road custom, but it's cool. Although the impact of the appearance is outstanding, the wheels are made of carbon material, so the weight of the vehicle weight is also reduced. It is not just a custom that looks like it, but also the driving performance. And for the crankOmuniumchoose. The lightness of pedaling and the smoothness of rowing are unique to direct cranks. For a burden seat post"Masterpace", To the stem"X2"And "Thomson" boasts high accuracy and durability! ! Thomson also makes aircraft parts, so it's definitely durable and high accuracy. Due to its high reliability, many bicycle racers will love them. The handle isDEDA PISTAAs the name suggests, this is the finish of a fixie. Finally, for the saddle, from the long -established saddle brand in ItalyMantra Carbon FX Protexof. It uses carbon rails to achieve lightweight and high rigidity. By the way, it looks like this when purchased with a bike loan. Please by all means for reference. ■ Total amount: 321,710 yen ■ Number of payments: 24 times ■ 1st payment amount: 14,428 yen ■ Payment amount after the second time: 14,100 yen There is no doubt that you will be seen twice if you run around the city with such a custom. Although it is a royal road custom, both driving and appearance have become an outstanding custom! The current 735 frame is only left. Please contact us as soon as possible as soon as the special price is available. Of course, you can also make inquiries by phone or email. We'll be expecting you. Kammy Brotures Harajyuku 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com
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