For free gear of fixie bikes.

Speaking of fixie bikes, fixed gear. In fact, I think that those who are used to this are very part of the bicycle population. It's a so -called Onimon. If you get on the pinis, you want to taste the fixed gear, but it should not be impossible. There should be a reason for the ride, such as unfamiliar, scary, and tough. A flip -flop wheel is often guided to such people. It is a format that is often seen in finished cars, and simply puts a gear sprocket on the left and right of the hub of the rear wheel. that's right. One bicycle can be attached to a fixed gear and free gear. If you are prepared, you will not worry. I'm glad for those who are worried, including me. There is a recommended gem if you want to attach flip with such flip flop. WHITE INDUSTRIES ENO Free WHEEL ¥ 13,200 (+Tax) White Industries, stubbornly sticking to Made in USA in California. A free wheel with beautiful CNC sharpening. Speaking of 32 notch free, it is not unusual now, but this high -precision click feeling is inevitable. Also, I am glad that you can set a fine gear ratio with a rich lineup from 16T to 23t. If you want to ride casually, use free gear, trick and fixed gear when you want to run firmly. It would be convenient if you use it properly at times and in some cases. Is it an overkill in the COD series? Attach this park even though it is not search. I'm worried. After all, I only use the main. I don't think anyone who knows it doesn't know what it is, but the point is that security is important. I want a fabric, but I'm worried about it. 。 Please contact us. I will solve it as much as possible. Feel free to help yourself! TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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