Cinelli is hot!

If you think that it has arrived, inquiries are floodedCinelli。 Fortunately, many nice bikes have already traveled to new owners. Today we will introduce one of them with focus! CINELLI × MASHSpeaking of this, this is a hot topicWORK。 As the name suggests, you can install not not only the style like a conventional piste, but also a thick tire up to 35c, so you can build it in any lifestyle. The owner here also had a trick bike of FGFS, so he wanted one to run and play. Just WORK is Don Pisha. Everywhere is custom without compromise, but I personally want to close up the handle, tires, and cog. The handle is still a long riser with Mash spark. Recently I changed the handle to this, but it's really fun. If you want to ride casually and play, I think it's a perfect handle. The tire is a choice of GATORSKIN, which has excellent driving and durability. This time, the point is that the riding comfort is softer with a thick 25c. And the last cog is miso. I don't comeFlip flop blogI installed a fixed gear on both of these bikes. I want to change the gear ratio when I want to play with a trick, so I put a different number of cogs on the left and right. Well, I'm glad that the delivery was in time for GW. Although it may be a common way of assembly, it is a bike full of attention to the details. I love how to assemble the style that is not too caught in the appearance. When, how, what kind of bike you want to ride, you can get rid of it. Please throw it to our staff. Let's take any ball! (As far as possible.) another thingCinelliAlthough each frame is limited in size, there is still a little stock, so if you are considering it, it will be good early! Please feel free to contact us by e -mail or telephone! TOSHI Free Parking !!
As a GW project from 4/29 to May 8, customers who purchase more than 20,000 yen will be free of parking! !(Up to 2 hours) BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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