Limited 2 !!! Golden Week Campaign

It is a nice information for Golden Week. Right now, the popular model 721TR & CURE is available in BROTURES and can be delivered on the same day. At BROTURES, it takes about 7 to 10 days from buying a bicycle to reaching it. However, as a Golden Week Campaign, we have prepared two bicycles that you can buy on that day and get back on that day. Golden Week has just begun, and in the second half, why don't you spend a good holiday on a fixie bike!? LEADER BIKES 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ORANGE ¥ 100,000- (+Tax) LEADER BIKES Cure COMPLETE BIKE SAX BLUE ¥ 100,000- (+Tax) Since these two are sold as entry models, the price range is much cheaper than custom bikes. However, it is a first -class product because it is a frame geometry that does not seem to be an entry model. As the first one, we sell it with specifications that can be used enough. Both are L size, and the body is the same day that is perfect for those who are about 175cm tall. If you want to ride Leader Bikes during Golden Week, be as soon as possible !!! We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)