BROTURES HARAJUKU is on sale of $ 40,000 ...

Students and members of society who have lived in a new life this spring. In addition to new schools and work, you will be stressed on unfamiliar land. What I would recommend on a bicycle to clear such anger. The advantage of a bicycle is that you can move while feeling a pleasant breeze without worrying about heavy traffic and crowded trains. Furthermore, unlike cross bikes and road bikes, fixie bikes are overwhelmingly easy to maintain. I just want it, but there is no such money! ! Good news for everyone who is lamenting. The Harajuku store is currently pushing a bicycle of an American brand called "SE BIKES". If you are the most cult BMX brand in the history of BMX, which is now nearly 40 years, you will answer this SE BIKES name without hesitation. It has been a prize in many championships since ancient times, and it is a venerable bicycle brand that is highly reliable from overseas top riders. The running is as follows. (There are other colors of Black and White, so please contact us)
SE BIKES 16 Lager Chrome ¥ 61,000 (excluding tax)
SE BIKES 15 Draft-Lite PINK ¥ 40,000 (excluding tax)
SE BIKES 16 Draft-Lite Yellow ¥ 49,000 (excluding tax) Take this opportunity to take your bicycle into your usual lifestyle and spend more freely and more comfortable days. We look forward to your visit and inquiry. → Click here for order and consultation ← 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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