Body lovers who expand the border.

Everyone will have the experience of urban legends, dorping paintings, street talks, and gossip flowing. There is no. I have a half attitude, but I'm expecting somewhere. It is inconsistent, and you may feel sorry for yourself, which you can't deny. However, the times have been repeatedly developed. Until about 500 years ago, it was thought that the sun was retracted around the earth, which was common sense. Perhaps no one had supported the Copernix's theory of terrestrial. It's a terrible story to the parties. This is a kind of "boundary science". A pioneering that pioneers further at the cutting edge of the mainstream. It may sound good to say this, but in short they are "heretics." It is always treated as a weird person and is often persecuted. (Even a death penalty) However, it is interesting because these brave "weirdos" can become the pioneers of the times. There is no doubt that the fixie bike is a niche and aesque vehicle from the bicycle market. I hate bicycle lovers, and I still strongly. A critic who has never been riding, but a "fixie = dangerous bicycle without brakes". However, the underground, which is trying to expand a new area in the field, should not be reduced. In the era of moving, only things that do not change are abolished. The "weird" that excites curiosity and exploration is the pioneer. Like the former MASH and Macaframa. And as Dosnoventa embodies. There are dangerous guys. This guy's style is good. Now there are SNS and the Internet. The world is closer, but it has expanded. Isn't it time for the fabric to reach a new area soon? It is good to miss "that time", but there is no intention of becoming an antique left in the times. I can't wait for the times to catch up. Is it swallowed by the mainstream? The sharp is Nambo. Then the pandemic day is not so far. Let's commit the exciting X Day together.
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