Basically, if you come to the store, you will be maintaining the vehicle body purchased at BROTURES for free, but at that time you often propose chains and tire replacements. And I think. Chains and tires are consumables for bicycles, not one thing that can be used forever. This time, I would like to explain the timing and meaning of chain replacement this time. First of all, rusts are rusted, dirt is severe, chains are stretched as a reason we recommend chain replacement. The chain is made of metal, so if you do not pour the oil regularly, it will rust immediately. Rust not only leads to the cause of the sound, but also leads to accelerating the consumption of chainrings and cogs that are engaged together when rotating. Conversely, you can delay exhaustion by simply pouring oil, and if the chain and gear mesh smoothly, the rowing will be lighter. And the chain growth. When I hear these words, I think many people think that the chain itself is growing. As a matter of fact, the chain itself has not grown at all. The chain extension is a phenomenon in which the gap between the pin and the pin hole gradually increases when the pin and pin holes of the chain are worn. In short, those with a large chain extension have a lifespan, which is a guide for replacement. Pour oil into the chain during maintenance. Pouring this oil alone will play the role of "lubrication" and "protection", so the life will be extended compared to if you do not pour. Still, dirt will collect when you are running even if you only pour. The dirt on the chain does not have a significant effect on the running, but the dirt on the inside (frames and pin) not only makes the run heavy, but also affects wear. I've explained it for a long time, but what I want to say most is, "Let's replace the chain with a new one!" Even if you say regularly, there are differences in the distance you run, the environment, and the conservation status such as lubricating oil, so it can not be replaced in general, but it is heavy to row or it sounds like it is a chain. It may be caused by. In my case, I commute by bicycle every day, and I use oil regularly, but the chain is replaced with a new one for about 3 to 4 months. Even though it is a consumable item, it is an indispensable thing that changes the running greatly. Once again, check the chain status of your bicycle. I always stock several types of chains at the store. Why don't you replace it if you come to maintenance? We are waiting for you at Btores OSAKA on weekends. HKK Vertex Black ¥ 2,700 (+Tax) HKK Vertex Gold, Silver ¥ 4,300 (+Tax) IZUMI V Super Toughness ¥ 6,090 (+Tax) Fuji
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