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If you can customize it yourself, you will often get it, you will not be able to install the replacement, etc., you can make your own adjustment or repair it. You can do your own maintenance on your wallet. Saddle height, angle, steering wheel replacement, stem replacement, tube replacement and tire replacement during punk It may be better to have a tool that can respond immediately even if you have any trouble on the go! If you have a date and take a long time to find a bicycle shop due to a bicycle trouble, put out the tools from the bag. If you can repair it quickly, you will surely improve your liking! smile When I usually get on the fix, I always have the following tools. ・ Hexagonalian key set (folding) ・ Portable air ・ 15mm BOX wrench ・ 700c French tube ・ Tire lever ・ Ring bag ・ Spare tire (folding) ・ Punk repair patch set If you have only this, you can respond to most troubles! If you go out with a large number of people, such as glue pride, you will not be worried if you are prepared for a small number of rides. BROTURES Beginner Tool Set ¥ 7,500- (excluding tax) BROTURES Standard tool set ¥ 12,000- (excluding tax) TIOGA COCOON Ring Bag ¥ 4,000- (excluding tax) There are plenty of other tools at the store, so please feel free to contact us! → Click here for inquiries ← Kiyo 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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