Dosnoventa Detroit2.0 Shred Custom.

Introducing custom vehicles using DOSNOVENTA's Detroit2.0, which is still popular. Detroit2.0 used this time is the only pashute frame in that frame. It is a particularly popular frame among the Dosnoventa frames. DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 Matt Black Frame Set ¥ 205,000 (+tax) DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 Matt Black Custom Complete ¥ 325,000 (+tax) ~ DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 SHRED CUSTOM ¥ 498,000 (+Tax) This time, I tried to build a body with outstanding presence like BROTURES. The popular wheels that BROTURESF are proud of are installed on the front and rear wheels. In addition, I tried to give a street feeling at Nitto's riser bar, which is used by many Yokohama staff for the handle. Personally, the looks of Pashute Frame x Riser is the best. In addition, the crank is the strongest combination of ZEN 144 to Sugino75 with a firm awareness of running. In addition, Thomson is used for stem and seat post, giving a sense of unity of the entire vehicle. This is a street custom. Please refer to it. → Click here for inquiries ← Mizu 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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