NEW 725TR test drive!

BROTURES YOKOHAMA is now available in 725 test rides to be available next time! The new 725 has an aero shape according to the frame to the shape, and is a dedicated type like Cervelo track frame. 725, 735, which is more lacy than the conventional model. The specific parts are the mountains, but I would like to see them at the store. smile By the way, the new 725TR prepared for Brotures Yokohama is M size. From the latter half of 160 to about 170 and a half, it is the right size. My height is 163cm and quite small, but I was able to ride in this photo without lowering the seat post. I thought it was a little expensive, so if you are bigger than you, you may be able to get a little more seats. By the way, it is such a new 725TR, 735TR, but the mail order has started making a formal form from today. [Reservations under acceptance] Leader Bikes 725TR Compression Bike ¥ 140,000 (+Tax) [Reservations under acceptance] Leader Bikes 735TR Compression Bike ¥ 185,000 (+Tax) BLACK, White for 725 For 735, Black, White, Polish We will guide you in the color variation. There aren't many opportunities to see the actual car, so take this opportunity! ! We'll be expecting you! → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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