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Hello! Finally, the sunny weather has arrived ~ The best bicycle day! ! It was the most comfortable commuting in the morning, but I was surprised at the sudden heat! ! Isn't this the arrival of summer anymore! ? I want to do BBQ on the river on such a warm day So, if there is a gap, let's get together, bicycle to the Tama River, and do BBQ! ! I hope we can increase such events this year, so please look forward to it! ! And the bicycle introduced today is a slightly rare brand in BROTURES ~ A long -established brand born in Italy in 1949 "Masi"It will be! !! There is no doubt that the technology has started as a road bike brand and has gained numerous glory in the race! ! In addition, it features a classic and deep design unique to Italian brands, and is a bitter one! The price is reasonable and the specifications of the parts are high! ! The outboard crank was attached from the beginning, and all the staff were surprised! ! One that can be recommended for those who put on the fabric for the first time! Come on this opportunity! MASI SPECIALE SPRINT COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 99,000 (+tax) And now you can buy it on that day and get back on that day! ! More! ! The loan of the day is also possible, so you can apply for that day and get back on that day! ! When I simulated it, it looked like this! ! Even if I paid 12 times, I cut 10,000 yen a month ~ Isn't this kind to the dads with pocket money? ? Rather, it is a level that you can buy for transportation expenses! ! How about this best bicycle season! Real annual rate 5% 1st payment amount 9,738 yen x 1 time Payment amount from the second time 9,100 yen x 11 times Reception from the web is also possible, so I hope you can contact the following number and address first. It's best to embark on a fixie now! ! We are waiting for you! ! BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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