If you don't write it regularly, you'll be forgotten, so I would like to introduce the Brotures Yokohama commonly known as "Bro -Yoko". Brotures Yokohama is a roots of Brotures, which is open as it is in the location of BROTURES's predecessor Jahlife. Even if you say YOKOHAMA, the place is "Hakuraku" on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, so please be careful because it is not Minato Mirai or Sakuragicho or Uptown even if you make a mistake. It is open today in the space between the downtown shopping street and the residential area, about 15 minutes away from the center of Yokohama. In the store, we try to make it with DIY, so there is no sophisticated atmosphere unique to Brotures, and there is something close to the local Yuru atmosphere. Chilled on the bench in front of the store, practicing tricks, talking about the world. We are in a strange place, but thank you very much, our customers come a little every day. It may be due to this loose atmosphere that there are many regulars from Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Chiba. It is very rare that it is very busy, and it is a good thing about YOKOHAMA that you can take a leisurely consultation. Although it is a little narrow, the body and parts are packed with carefully selected selection. YOKOHAMA also operates mail order such as Brotures Online. I often call a long phone call with a distant customer. It may be a feature that the distance to the mechanic is closer to other Brotures Shop. Yokohama has no customer service staff. In a bicycle shop style in the city. Mechanics are basically supported for consulting on bicycles and parts. Although it is a little bit good, the knowledge of the mechanic's eyes and ideals are also embodied. That's why bicycles assembled at YOKOHAMA are often finished in a solid feeling. The recently assembled piste bikefacebookI am glad if you can check it because it is summarized. From the end of the GW, the leisurely style is accelerating. If you have time, please come to play♪ Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)