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The only part "tires" that are in contact with the ground by bicycle Today's blog I want to talk about tires. Considering the riding taste, there are many voices that just customizing the tires can dramatically change the riding taste. As I mentioned earlier, it is the only part that touches the ground, so it has no effect. But if it's a cheap guy, it's about 2,000 yen, and if it's expensive, you don't know what to choose. 。 I understand that feeling. The decisive factors are "TPI" and "Compound". TPI is the value of the fiber of the cassing inside the tire (the touch of the tube). The higher the number of the TPI, the more fibers use more fibers. By the way, this casing is the skeleton of the clincher tire. Generally, the higher the TPI value, the more lighter and lighter, and the better. The resistance decreases, but the durability is lower. So, it doesn't mean that the TPI should be high, but it will be a balance with durability, so balance is important. And the compound is a rubber material of the tire. Roughly speaking, this material is "hard or soft", and the nature of the tires varies greatly. In general, it is difficult to deform if the rubber is hard, so the rolling resistance is low and the wear resistance is high. Conversely, soft rubber is good for grip and ride comfort. I personally recommend the Continental series. The tires currently used in the progressive form Continental 4000s 2 ¥ 7,000 (+Tax) Because it uses a black chili compound for 330TPI, it is a tire that turns around with a small rolling resistance. Continental Gatorskin ¥ 5,500 (+Tax) Speaking of pisto rider purveyor tires. The first and second tires of the photo adopt a system called Poly Breaker, which has a very high punk resistance of 180TPI. This Polybreaker is the unique orange net of Gatorskin. PRO4, of course, recommended tires of Michelin, opposite to Continental Michelin Pro 4 ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) A super -class tire that enters the top 3 of clincher tires. A slick tire that is popular among staff and rolls firmly. It is a very many tires in the front. It is a more flexible impression than Continental. By the way, if you can see the base of the second photo if it is a rear tire, it is almost time. If the front is cracked like the third photo, it has already deteriorated considerably. As soon as you want to run comfortably, you can maintain and replace the tires! → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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