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Hello! If the weather is so nice, you will want to go out somewhere. Isn't cycling the best for your family on a sunny day? So, today we will introduce a kids bike that you can enjoy with your family! ! The kids bike that arrived this time ...
■ DURCUSONE RECTUS ¥ 35,000- (Tax) ・ Color: matte black, red, yellow, polish (polish only +2,000 yen) ・ Size: 12 inches (up to about 80cm to 105cm), 14 inches (up to 95-115cm tall) Don't even say kids bikes. Performance and quality are the same as adult chari! ! The standards are also the same part as adult bicycles, so you can enjoy custom! It is an all -round one that can be used as a BMX for kids riders from a child riding a bicycle for the first time. Of course, please be assured that an auxiliary ring is also included.
■ Early Rider Belter16 ¥ 45,360- (+Tax) ・ Color: Polish ・ Size: 16 inches (up to 130cm tall) Early Rider Belter 16 is a high -end kids bike released by a British kids cycle manufacturer. The appearance is classical, and it is a cool one that is not a child in a good way! ! I want it for ornamental use. Moreover, the crank part uses a belt drive without using a chain, so it is safe for children! ! The other day, I went to the park to shoot a kids bike, but the children seemed to be curious for colorful kids bikes, I felt a hot gaze. On the day you go to the park with such a cool motorcycle, you may be a hero for everyone. I tried a little test drive, but it was quite easy to ride. smile Anyway, if you are worried, please come to the store once! ! There is a space where you can relax at the Kichijoji store, so please come with your family. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone or email. We'll be expecting you. CAMY BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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