[Reservation accepted] 2016 Leader Bikes ...

The most seasonal one "2016 Leader Bikes 735TR" A high -spec one with SRAM OMNIUM adopted with standard equipment in the model unique to the model.
SRAM OMNIUM CRANK ¥ 37,000 (excluding tax) We are displaying this as a custom bike at the Harajuku store.
2016 Leader Bikes 735TR W/White Industries Custom Bike ¥ 280,000 (excluding tax) This time, the wheels assembled in the rim of MADE IN USA's White Industries and H Plus Son SL-42 were incorporated before and after not the carbon parts. The number of spokes is 36H, and it is a gorgeous American riked undercarriage with a spoke that is flat and greasy.
White Industries Track Hub F \ 27,500 R ¥ 30,600 (excluding each tax) Like PHILWOOD, the home country is a gemstone item that is all hand -made in the United States. Regarding the rear, it is possible to finish a strong wheel by adopting a larger flange than a normal high flange hub. Currently, this custom bike is on sale for ¥ 280,000 (excluding tax). And if you purchase in normal, it will be sold at ¥ 185,000 (excluding tax). The method of assembly is over 10 people depending on the customer. Since it is possible to purchase with a loan, we will provide guidance according to your budget and payment method. Please feel free to contact us. → Click here for order and consultation ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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