New Carbon WHEEL in STOCK !!!

A new carbon wheel has arrived in Osaka. Leader Bikes is an original carbon wheel with a lightweight and strength that adopts the original 3D design. LEADER BIKES L44 CARBON WHEEL F ¥ 45,000 (+tax) R ¥ 50,000 (+tax) It combines the strength for the street chestnut race, and all carbon materials use high -quality carbon fiber made in Japan luxuriously. The hub is equipped with a shield bearing made in Japan as standard, and the rotational force is ◎ and succeeded in lowering the friction coefficient to the limit. Bearing can be exchanged, so upgrades are also possible. Spokes also reduce air resistance during driving in blade spokes. The adoption of the cooling technology and double -vated blade spokes has succeeded in 30%lightweight without reducing the strength. The nipple uses the same Pillar as the same as the spoke, the lightest, high -quality PILLAR professional "7" aluminum nipple. Like high -end carbon wheels such as ENVE, if you wear 25C tires with a wide rim width that is currently the mainstream, you can do a sense of stability and long -distance rides without any problems. The price is reasonable and the appearance is cool, so I would like you to customize this wheel. I still have stock now. If you are aiming, be as soon as possible !!! U-KI.
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