Aero Carbon Seat Post Short

Facebook pageBut I gave it, but it's the long -awaited restock! Leader Bike SPCA1 Aero Carbon Seat Post Short !! I had long, but the short was not available! Physically impossible in long! I can't put it in! Many people should have said. Because I am. smile If I have a height of 5 cm ... Aside from what you don't seem to fulfill, What is the difference between long and short? Short is simply about 4cm shorter than long. The lowest state, from the minimum line to the rails Long is about 17cm Short is about 13cm It is a place that said. I am 170cm and 51cm (s) 725TR (735TR) The saddle isfi'zi: k arionWith a thin saddle The last minute long could be inserted. Please take a look at it ^^ Two have already appeared on the first day of arrival, so If you wish, please contact us immediately! Right now !!
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