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The handle more than the number of bicycles. Isn't there a lot of people who have multiple parts that can be easily replaced? Conversely, some people may enter the labyrinth to what kind of handle should be selected. So I will introduce the type of handle by classifying it in several parts. Today, the sports bike is the "drop handle". There are two types of drop handles. First of all, the most popular "track drop" is the most popular look. The distance from around the base of the stem and the stem to the bottom, called the lower hand, is a very deep shape. In addition, the curve in the process of dropping is large, so there is a characteristic that handle ring is slightly difficult. However, the popularity is so popular that there is a quote such as "Men are silent and dorohan". Isn't it cool? I don't think there is much reason to beat it. Speaking of popular track drops, the following two. DEDA PISTA Drop Bar
Leader Bikes Down Town Drop Bar
Click here if you like classic bicycle racing style. NITTO B123AA
If you want more functionality and comfortable riding, you can't make a mistake with a "road drop". Since the handle is flat and the drop is shallow, various positions can be performed smoothly. In addition, since the lineup from each manufacturer is abundant, the point is that you can choose something that suits you from shape to material. Strictly speaking, various shapes are divided among this road drop, but if you think only about city riding, you may not have to worry about it. The following items are recommended for road drops with excellent performance design. DEDA ZERO100 DROP BAR
If you want to try the carbon handle, this is excellent for cospa. TNI Carbon SL Bar ¥ 24,000 (+Tax)
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