Easton R90 SL

Rims that have appeared several times at other stores have arrived at the Osaka store. Easton R90 SL TL-Ready Road Rim ¥ 20,000- (+Tax) Rim weight 455g Rim height 27mm Rim width (outside) 24mm Rim width (inside) 19.5mm This rim, which has arrived at the Osaka store, is a model that has a rim brake surface a little different from the one introduced at other stores. The weight is 455g, almost the same as the arch type of H-Plus Son. It is a very light model considering the rim height of 27mm. And the weight of this rim is the rim width. The outer width and inner width of the rim and the wide rim are improved, improving durability and aero performance. Widrims are becoming mainstream as the trends of the times, and brands such as HED and ENVE, not only in Easton, are producing wide -rim products one after another. Some people think that the rigidity of the rim just improves when it comes to wide rims, but there are other benefits. First, the outer diameter of the rim width. This is to improve aero performance. It is related to so -called air resistance. And the inner diameter of the rim width. This is related to the rolling resistance of the tire. The inner diameter of the rim is wide, so the foundation is stable and plays a role in suppressing tires. By the way, the mainstream of the tires is changing from 23c to 25c. I would like to write this area someday if I can write it on my blog. At any time, I think that bicycle parts are required to be lighter, and I think it is important. However, from now on, the number of wide rim products introduced this time will increase rapidly, and I feel that there will be tires of tires, and products that emphasize functionality with air resistance will come out. Custom wheels can select your favorite parts and have a high degree of freedom. If you want to assemble it, why not assemble using the rims that have become the mainstream of this rim? Greddy introduced earlierIt ’s a hubPhilIf you assemble it with a hub, you can make the best wheels that are cool and combined with rotation! Click here for an example of building a custom wheel Easton R90 SL ¥ 20,000 (+tax) PHILWOOD HIGH FLANGE Track Hub Rear ¥ 27,800 (+tax) Spoke fee ¥ 3,000 (+tax) Wage ¥ 3,000 (+tax) TOTAL ¥ 53,800 (+tax) We look forward to your custom wheel consultation and work request! Fuji
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