NEW 735TR !!

Hello! "735TR PRO" of New Model, which is approaching nearby It is one of the hottest attention in 2016, and it is still in the reservation stage, but the popularity is also surprised by the staff. How! I'm grateful, but depending on the size and color, some things are about to disappear ... I want it definitely! It's best to make a reservation nowI hope you can come to the store, email or call. This time, I customized the topic "735TR Pro"! ! For frames with a stronger impact, the popular wheel "SHRED 88", which competes for 1 and 2 in Broture Products, is installed before and after. To the cool one that everyone longs for regardless of age or gender! ! And! With the brake attached, the total weight is 8kg range! ! Even women can carry it lightly, so it is easy to put in the house! ! In addition, the geometry is more compact than the previous model, and it is possible to ride a wide range of 150cm! Leader Bikes 735TR 2016 Composition Bike /Black, White, Polish ¥ 185,000 (+tax) Leader Bikes 735TR 2016 SHRED88 Custom Bike ¥ 299,000 (+tax) Parts: BROTURES SHRED88 F, R 5 % of real annual rate 1st payment amount 18,025 yen x 1 time Payment amount from the second time 16,800 yen x 19 times I described the loanimilation above, but on the day I came to the store, ""loanYou can apply! In addition, there is a case at the current reservation stage, so "DepositIs recommended, but we recommend that you make a reservation first! ! moreover! BROTURES KICHIJOJI allows you to test drive the above custom! ! I'm worried about not riding, so first try a test drive and experience the new 735TR! ! Also, I'm a little scared for the first time on a fixie bike! We will teach you how to ride from 1, so please use it with confidence! Now that the number of stocks is decreasing, I hope you can visit Brotures Kichijoji as soon as possible! We are waiting for you! Mazada BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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