The American top -class wheel maker "Hed." From the pioneer of the piste boom, the baton wheels are the top manufacturer brands that are all over the mouth. Strong people used in various scenes such as girls' bicycle racing in Japan from overseas top track riders !! Hed.gt3 F \ 220,000- (+Tax) Hed.h3d F \ 197,000- (+Tax) Hed.h3 F \ 178,000- (+Tax) Hed.jet9 R ¥ 142,000- (+tax) Hed. Baton wheels have a shape that does not easily entangle air to reduce air resistance. Simply put, the wings and shape of the plane are almost the same.
The air resistance applied to the narrow spokes of the conventional aluminum wheel and the air resistance on one baton wheel of the baton wheels have not changed much and simply get 20 or 30 air resistance, but three are three. The wheels with the advantage that air resistance decreases dramatically is HED. !!! Hed. Hed. This year, HED. If you are thinking about a wheel custom, why not customize this wheel once!? By the way, it is possible to make a loan only with wheels. Simulation * In the case of Hed.gt3 F ¥ 237,600- (tax included)
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