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At the same time as the announcement, the industry was stuckDosnoventaOf the new frameSeoul。 We will introduce the customer's order at last. Aluminum alloy containing scandium, a rare metal, is the material, the biggest feature of this frame. picture? Scan for fixes? seriously? It's not KOGA. You don't like such things. I was. 。 。 I want to beat myself who was a little slanted. If you really explain the scandium, it feels more hard than aluminum. The tighter tubing is possible while keeping the strength. That means it can be lighter. This seoul is also a full carbon frameTokyoIt is almost the same weight. But it's cool even without the details! As for the design, it is dosnoventa. You will be betrayed every time in a good way. The logo decal and the fork gradation adopt a color called Chameleon Red, which changes the color depending on the angle and light of light. Two letters of hat -off for high -quality color schemes that show different expressions every time you look. Assemble the parts that have been carefully selected to other cranks and cockpits. The amazing 5kg range was realized. It's a little jealousy. Is it a little bit? DOSNOVENTA is quite expensive, but the staff is so cool that it seems to be jealous. And all frames are Italian handmade. Tubating has been changed to DEDACCIAI, which is produced in Europe, not in Asia. It will be the best buddy that will stimulate your own desire more than the amount. It's not cheap shopping, so please come to consult with Jikuri. I will associate with you. PS. Scandium also exists in space. What's so cool. TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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