Chrome SPD shoes x SHIMANO Binding Pedal ...

"I want to make it faster than it is now." This is a story I often hear when customizing a bicycle. Of course, if you get used to the piste bike, you will inevitably ask for this "speed". However, unlike cars and motorcycles, the driving force is myself. If you want to run fast, please do your best and row! ! I can't say the store. Of course, there are many carbon wheels, cranks, and other parts for running comfortably. However, these two words, "comfort" and "speeding up", seem to be similar and interpreted as different. So, even if a beginner rides, the effect can be understood, and the best shortcut to row fast is binding shoes & pedals. At first glance, the Chrome Truk Pro introduced this time is like sneakers like sneakers at first glance.
Chrome Truk Pro ¥ 13,000 (EX, Tax) However, when I turned the back, it has a pedestal that I have never seen in the sneakers before. Attach the binding shoes cleat (nails that insert the pedal) and put the shoes on it.
What is good, I think the person who has a strap on the pedal now has an image. Until now, if you could only convey your power to your bicycle by stepping and pulling up, you will be able to convey the power at 360 ° with this binding.
In other words, there is no wasted power loss, and the power of the loss can be conveyed to the bicycle. Indeed, if you start as the first step in custom, it will be absolutely fun. I've been using it since I got used to a little bike, but if I started thinking about skids and improving pedaling, there are only benefits. smile Harajuku recognizes that one of the customs that can not be avoided to enjoy a fixie bike more. And this time, we are working as a trial price, and we are working at ¥ 18,000 including tax. If you are interested, have a chance to try it. Please feel free to contact us or visit us. → Click here for order and consultation ← 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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