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Audi RacingDriverofAndre LottererHas come to the store!
F1Monaco Grand PrixandAmericaofIndy 500Alongside "The world's three largest racesIs called Currently winning for two consecutive victories in the 24 -hour Le Mans in FranceLotterer。 Now it's an off -season, so he came to choose a fixie bike for training! A professional racer, which is the best proposition to always running fast I still chose Leader Bikes
The frame was decided promptly with Leader 735TR matte black. I put the blue color that I loved and customized. The tires are also used in racing carsofSet up before and after Since it is used as a city ride while staying in Japan, the handle is DEDA Streetisimo.
The seat post is MICHE SUPER TYPE
A custom of BLB CRANK with beautiful blue with bright blue on the crank
The front hub has a truck hub of GRANCOMPE with emphasis on rotation
Lotterer is a big fan of Alpine Ski, the other day in Austrian Kitts Viewel It seems that the Dunhill Race held is also watching. Of course, I was checking the ski closs on EURO Sports, and it was exciting with skiing!
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
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