"Kagero" seven changes

Today is a special feature of "Kagero", which represents Leader Bikes Pashute Frame. Kagero is a geometry, lightweight and strong pashute frame, which is preferred in time trials, etc., and is made of aluminum such as 7005. Speaking of 7005 aluminum, it is often used for good parts and frames, and Dosnoventa and Cinelli Mash use the same material. Using aluminum 7005 is generally a high price, but Kagero is an attractive frame in that side and the price range. Leader Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 98,000- (+Tax) ~
"Kagero" is a frame that goes well with any wheels such as baton wheels, deep rim wheels, and thin rims. Right now, BROTURES has a wide variety of baton wheels and deep rim wheels.
Now you can build your favorite Kagero custom bike, so why not assemble your favorite custom bike with Brotures OSAKA with reference to custom photos!? It is coming. As soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Simulation ~ In the case of kagero replacement "Kagero frame set + replacement wage = 128,000- ( + tax)
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