To yokohama

Yesterday at Yokohama Museum, Robert Capa / Gerda Tallo Two photographers Two Photographers: Robert Capa Centennial / Gerda Taro RetroSpective I went to see it.
Andre Friedman, one of the most famous photographers in the world, "Robert Capa" (in 1913 / died in 1954) Was born this year. In fact, this "Robert Capa" is Initially Friedman and German Female Gelda Taro (Real Name Geluta Poolile, 1910 / died in 1937) A fictitious photographer created by the two. The two mainly go to the front line of the battlefield. "The first female news photographer" Gerda Taro (said to be the name derived from Taro Okamoto)) Is too early on the age of 27 on the Spanish battlefield. After that, go to the ramen museum in Shin -Yokohama!
was fun. In addition to ramen, there is a large course with a mini 4WD, so I can race, Candy shop, shooting, mold removal, etc. And if you go with YokohamaBROTURES YOKOHAMA。 I was a little late yesterday, and it was raining a little It was cold and I couldn't stop by, Come when you go to Yokohama to playBROTURES YOKOHAMAfart!
Occasionally, the store manager 4Low who does not match the viewpoint 4Low 763, which is a suspicious smile that loves bicycles and raises the tension in a strange place, will welcome you. And there may be a neat NORI and the most noticeable KO1. natsuka
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