It's almost the season ... are you mainta...

Good evening! Recently, the weather has fallen, and the weather is sunny. Today is just right, it's perfect for riding a bicycle, but it's time for "guy" to come ... Kyushu is already coming ... No, I'm scared. I'm not good at that guy. The hottest is wet, and it is only a natural enemy for Chari riding! ! I can't help complaining about the season. Just stay still until you can ride a bicycle ... Therefore! ! Let's keep the maintenance of your car in order to get rid of it even more comfortably from the day when "I" passes! ! As soon as I started, it was broken -punk -if I had something to do, I wouldn't want to ride this season! I can maintain it myself, but it's honestly troublesome ~ Please leave such a person to us! ! I will make my car in a perfect state! ! It's ant to customize and wait for that day! ! The upgraded favorite car feels the best ~ For bicycles purchased at BROTURESThe maintenance price is ¥ 0 !!Shouldn't this be done? Even if it is not purchased or not Leaderbike, we accept maintenance, so please use it! ! Starting is important to enjoy a better bicycle life! ! I think it's troublesome after "I" comes, so now! We are waiting for you! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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