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Leader Bikes x Pedal ConsumptionIt was announced as the 2nd collaboration modelRenovatio This one, which is packed with both technologies, has been active overseas as a model for racing of the home country. Indeed, it is a frame full of Leader's seriousness. And, of course, the ride has been proven on the street. Some people have heard that the frame using a large triangle called horizontal, which is compact, and less habit, is supple and tired. Beginners will be a bit excited if they are so high quality frames, but they can be said to be okay without worrying about that. Renovatio is the one who is starting a fixie bike, who has been riding a variety of piste bikes, and those who have been riding a variety of piste bikes. Speaking of which, recently I decided to buy Harley, but I decided to say ignorant.SAMS MOTOR CYCLEThe words that Osamu said do not leave my head. "Since I straddled and turned the accelerator without knowing anything, Harley is the same standing position! Everyone is with you!" No, ... was cool ... lol With that in mind, this project,Order -free。 In Brotures, we say, "Select the parts as you like and make a bicycle in the world." So the greed that is born is painted This custom, which allows you to put not only the color but also the logo you think, embodies the image in your head. For example, by ordering a car lover, "I want to make it an orange color of Camaro" Such a request is also a hand.
Normal color
Custom color Paint like this can be finished for free. The painting factory is based on the Piste Bike's head family, NJS Builder, so you will surely be satisfied with the high quality finish. And this project this time,Only for the first 10 peopleI will. In addition, although it is afraid, if you purchase a frame separately, it will not be adapted. By all means, why not get one fixie bike in the world at this time? Orders and consultations are being accepted at any time! !
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