Family pack with family!

It would be nice if the hobby time could be shared by parents and children. Bicycles are so. It has been very popular with young children in recent yearsKids bike。 In terms of the development of children's motor function, there are many advantages of riding a kids bike such as a balance bike since childhood. A fun piste bike with both friends and friends. How happy would it be if you could ride with parents and children? We have prepared a family pack for such parents. ---- Family Pac ------- Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro ($ 13,000) is free for the purchase of a fixie bike+kids bike!
Buckshot Pro Multifunctional LED lights are three roles. You can use anything! There are many roasted things, but it always meets expectations. ① Audio Equipped with Bluetoorh 4.0 wireless audio function. From smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., a wide range of 32 feet (about 10m) will be delivered. ② Power bank A power bank function that can charge devices such as smartphones that can withstand TOTAL 10 hours. ③ Flashlight By using a special holder, it can be attached to the handlebar or tent of the motorcycle, and can be used as a torch, lamp, and flashlight. This time is indispensable for electronic equipment even if you play with your child. There is no doubt that lights and power banks will be very useful even in family camps! With this Family PAC, parents and children will have a good time on weekends. Why don't you go to play with your family? TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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