Leader Bikes Renovatio Custom!

Today's custom is Renovatio from Leader Bikes! In the lineup of leader bikes, I assembled it with a high -end model. The spec table looks like this. Frame set:Leader Bikes Renovatio handle:TNI Carbon Riserbar Stem:Thomson X2 STEM Front wheel:BROTURES SHRED 45 × CHRIS KING R45 Hub Custom Wheel Regular price ¥ 103,000 → Special Price ¥ 95,000 Rear wheel:H Plus Son F30 X Paul Track Hub Custom Wheel crank:Brotures Rip Crank Seat post:FIZIK R1 CARBON SEATPOST saddle:Fizik Arione Kium STD The handle is TNI CARBON RISERBAR recommended by YOKOHAMA. There will be no carbon rizer at this price with an oversized clamp. The design is calm, so there are places where you do not choose the body ◎ Choose one of the wheels on the front. The best wheels assembled with CHRISKING's ceramic bearing hub on the SHRED 45 and SAPIM's highest CX-ray. A truck hub of aluminum rim + pole so that you can withstand the skid on the rear. I unified with FIZIK around the saddle and also balanced looks. The carbon saddle is very lightweight and comfortable setting on carbon seapos. Total amount 376,687 yen Number of payments 24 times 5 % of real annual rate Installation payment fee 19,926 yen A total of installment payments 396,613 yen 1st payment amount 17,113 yen x 1 time Payment from the second time 16,500 yen x 23 times By the way, I want a custom bike! I think it's a problem for what to do. I understand. That feeling. Because there are various things and you don't know what to choose. If you can fill in various ways in the order form, even if it is not a product name or atmosphere, we will contact you from YOKOHAMA in charge of mail order. Custom bike inquiry form template —————————————————— 【flame】 [Stem] 【handle】 [F wheel] [R wheel] 【crank】 【saddle】 [Seat post] 【others】 ・ Points that we want to be particular about → ・ Customer budget → ・ The image of the body → ・ Use of fixes (distance, commuting or commuting to school) → ・ Delivery time of hope → 【name】 【Address】 【Contact information】 —————————————————— Enter this inquiry form,yokohama@brotures.comPlease contact us. We are waiting for you! → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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