More fun pisted bikes with handle custom!

"Custom" that you always want to do when you embark on a fixie bike However, many people think that the wheels are expensive and cannot be reached. One of the low budget customs is the "handle" It is a custom that you can enjoy first because it looks and rides! "How is the handle different?" For those who say, today is an easy -to -understand handle type, a riding style that suits it I will explain it.
DEDA Street IsSimo ¥ 5,100- (excluding tax) "Riser bar" General handle. This is the one that used to say "dragonfly" in the past! Depending on the length, the terrain can support all genres. When practicing tricks such as skids, stable weight shift I think it's easy to learn because you can. This handle is for the first time to ride a fixie, and to easily cm by the city!
DEDA CRONONERO TRI ¥ 7,500- (excluding tax) "Bulhorn" Handle that looks like a cow corner. It is also used in triathlon, grabbing the tip and applying power such as acceleration and uphill. You can climb! It is one of the customs that changes at a stretch, and the shape varies! It is especially recommended for those who have a long uphill on their homes and usually have a long uphill on the route.
DEDA ZERO100 DROPBAR ¥ 12,400- (excluding tax) "Road drop" The handle attached to a road bike often seen in the city. It is also possible to make a road bike specification by attaching a bracket brake. The flat part, the turn angle, the lower handle and the handle are 3 patterns, so it is very popular If you want to practice speed or attack long distances, please try it once!
Leader Bikes Down Town Drop Bar ¥ 8,000- (excluding tax) "Track drop" The handle that can be said to be the piste bike handle. Bicycle racing and track racing use this form of handle. The form is cool and lean forward. This is definitely the fastest in the city! Please feel free to contact us because you can order by phone or email! → Click here to order ← 03-6804-3115 Kiyo
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