Get out of San Francisco !! "SOMA RUSH" !!!

Well, is it only me who doesn't look at the bicycle for the time being? smile This is the malice of Kageaki who took a picture. That's good! ! I often introduce it on my blog"SOMA RUSH" We also have a Kichijoji store! I wanted to tell you that ... You've been brought to a dynamite buddy. smile Returned the story, Born in San Francisco"SOMA" Because it looks a little compact, as well as it looks The ease of riding is also outstanding. The size development is from 49cm, so even women I can ride. The color is pearl white, black, USA limited color, polished. Currently, at the Kichijoji store is ■ SOMA RUSH POLISH 53cm ■ SOMA RUSH KICHIJOJI LIMITED COLOR 53cm ■ SOMA RUSH PEARLWHITE 49cm We have such a feeling! ! By the way, the price on the frame fork set is¥ 79,000- (+tax) !! If it is complete¥ 168,000- (+tax)is!! "SOMA RUSH"It's hard to see the real thing! Please look at the real thing at the Kichijoji store, touch it, and stray! ! We'll be expecting you. CAMY BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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