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NEW MODEL "2016 Leader Bikes 735TR / 725TR"
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This model, which has a very thick seat post, is set to a shorter top tube so that you can get on the city more quickly. This makes it possible for beginners to manipulate the vehicle as desired, whether it is a high -end motorcycle. Today, we introduce such a new 735TR custom bike that was assembled a little earlier. If you are assembled with Brotrues, please finish it with your favorite one.
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2016 LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (excluding tax)
2016 Leader Bikes 735TR W/Brotures T4 Custom ¥ 398,000
2016 Leader Bikes 735TR W/GANWELL GW-W5000 Custom ¥ 420,000
2016 Leader Bikes 735TR W/Shred88 Custom ¥ 320,000
2016 Leader Bikes 735TR W/Hed. Jet9 Custom ¥ 405,000 It is like this until now. After all, BROTURES is the 18th of BROTURES that combines carbon wheels with impact on the thick frame. And this time, this rare color development is ...
Leader Bikes 735TR POLISH ¥ 185,000 (excluding tax) This polish has gained explosive popularity than the announcement, and it will surely be sold out at the reservation stage this time ... In addition, this model can be reserved by telephone e -mail. Please feel free to contact us for loan consultation. → Inquiry form ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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