One that is irresistible for classical lo...

Did you know that Brotures handles bicycle brands other than Leader Bikes, Dosnoventa, Cinelli! Of the many brands, today is a major Italian brand that is irresistible for classic pistol bikes.Masi"Introducing. MASI SPECIALE SPRINT ¥ 99,000- (+Tax) It can be used with fixed gears and free gear so that even beginners can enjoy it simply by omitting unnecessary things and enjoying it simply, and has been assembled from the beginning as a completed car. Of course, the front and rear brakes are standard equipment. The surprise is here. The clank (the heart of the bicycle) is customized with the mainstream U -Direct crank from the beginning. A crank that conveys power directly without missing unnecessary power, giving a big change in the strength of the crank itself and driving. At first glance, it looks like a classic and mature and stylish one, but it is one of the best parts that combines parts specifications suitable for street rides. If you like chromoly, if you like the classic style, why not cross a good introductory bike!? Simulation
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