Cogs are important parts.

Hello! Somehow it is in the rainy season. I can't just ride a bicycle, and during this time, custom Isn't it an ant? That's why today is a surprisingly overlooked part! "Cog"I will introduce about it. First, before that!"Cog"What part is it in the first place? I think there are some people, so please introduce a little ... To put it simply, it is on the hub of the rear wheel It's a chain on the sprocket. By changing the number of cog teeth, you can adjust the gear ratio! Of course, it is not important because it is a driveline part! If your cog is still as it was purchased By all means, please customize it once! ! When I first customized myself, is it so different? I was surprised. So what is recommended ..."EURO-ASIA"!! It is a very royal custom parts in BROTURES, but it is still good. Many times"EURO-ASIA"I will omit it because I have introduced it, First, Made in USA! ! ! And it is also a manufacturer that is extremely popular with pisto users. It is also characteristic that the quality and accuracy are small.
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■ EURO-ASIA DLX 13T-16T ¥ 5,830 (+tax)/17T-21T ¥ 6,490 (+tax) It is the most basic model. By all means, it is recommended to choose from here first! Cospa is also good as well as accuracy.
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■ EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR 13T-18T ¥ 11,000 (+Tax) DLX is a plated coating. Isn't the color good for the color and the color?
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■ EURO-ASIA GOLDMEDAL 13T-18T ¥ 16,500 (+Tax) This time, SUPERSTAR is a titanium coating! ! EURO-ASIA will be the highest grade model, so the separation of the chain will be much better. The sound of concern should also be resolved. Wouldn't it be nice to renew the drift line according to the cog? If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or e -mail. Is possible. We look forward to your custom on this occasion! ! CAMY BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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