My ass hurts! Escape from! ! Fabric Scoop!

Hello! ! Recently, I've always been on a fixie bike, so I can't find a saddle that suits me. There are many people who say, "The ass hurts!" ! Especially for those who purchase with the finished car, the saddle that is first is hard, and there are many people who are not used to it! The saddle introduced today is a "Fabric" saddle that solves such dissatisfaction with the saddle! From among the many models, today is the introduction of Fabric "Scoop"! !

・ Fabric Scoop ¥ 8,500 (+tax)

There are three types of SCOOP, and you can choose depending on how you ride and use! ! [Fabric Scoop Flat]
Screenshot 2016-06-08 14.31.05
"Flat" is the smallest pad for aerodynamic riding position! [Fabric Scoop Shallow]
Screenshot 2016-06-08 14.36.02
"Shallow" is a mid -sized pad for an upright riding position, so you can comfortably fit in various positions! [Fabric Scoop Radius]
Screenshot 2016-06-08 14.38.46
"Radius" is its high pad and demonstrates the maximum support for a comfortable ride throughout the day! The rounded cross section is perfect for a more upright riding position! And "Fabric" is also durable! ! Even if you use it very hard, the skin will hardly hurt! Even if you ride a pounding in the rainy season and roll up mud The high maintenance that can be cleaned with water and washed it off quickly is also good! ! It has excellent comfort and durability, and despite its high design, [¥ 8, 500] is very expensive! ! ! ! ! If you are having trouble choosing a saddle, please try it once! ! ! ! ! And now, only for purchases until Thursday, June 30 The “60 Day Saddle Fit Guarantee” saddle fit 60 -day warranty will be applied! ! It will be a campaign that responds to the rider's request, "I'm worried about Fabric's saddle, but I'm worried if I don't use a certain distance ..." Actually, if you use it for 60 days from the date of purchase, and if it does not fit in the end, we will refund the full amount and receipt (receipt) in exchange, so you can take a test drive with confidence. !
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