Hybrid street fixie!

If you follow the piste bike, there are bicycle racing and track racing. At that time, I was customizing the NJS frame, which has few standards that can be used. Although it is not as good as road bikes and cross bikes, the number of fixes bikes has increased and more people can easily enjoy custom. So is the frame of this CINELLI GAZZETTA. It is a frame designed by Italian brand Cinelli for nearly 70 years. A bicycle race frame with a design that cannot be braked is exactly similar. CINELLI GAZZETTA Frame Set ¥ 95,000 (+tax) Complete Bike ¥ 195,000 (+Tax) If you say a piste bike, you yearn for such Assemble. I think it's the same whether you're on a bicycle race frame or on a very thick aero frame like Leader Bikes. A slender frame that further empathizes wheels with different impact before and after. However, the elegant and powerful design that is as good as the power of the wheel is unique to Cinelli. It is one of my favorite frames without compliments. No matter what era, cool things are cool. I don't think you'll come across something that makes you feel right in yourself. There is no doubt if you have a fateful sense of sight. Why don't you believe yourself and take one step? You will surely be able to help. Please feel free to contact us. TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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