Selle San Marco Rolls Titanio arrived

It's a great custom, but you can upgrade with these small parts. It's one of the pleasures of bicycles! What we introduce today is the long -selling saddle "Rolls" in San Marco Because the seating surface is wide and the pad is thick, it is very comfortable, and it is a saddle that people who are tired of searching for a saddle come to the end. I've seen the blog that is said. The history is old, and ROLLS for the first time was in 1983! This is a 33 -year -old saddle this year! This rolls is a titanium rail and more than a normal Rolls It is about 40g lighter, and the color of the plate is silver. If it is easy to match any body and is comfortable to sit, I am convinced that it has been active in modern times since the 1980s. The arrival is only one point, so it is first come, first served! If you are looking for it, be as soon as possible. Selle San Marco Rolls Titanio ¥ 18,360- (excluding tax) → Click here to order ← Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 Kiyo
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