Bar tape and grip are available! !

Hello! It's a fine weather that I don't know if the rainy season is coming. Well, I'm glad for me sweating! ! By the way, I have a lot of handle because I have a lot of sweat, so I will definitely attach bar tape and grip. Because it slides. smile Anyway, both those who sweat and those who do not have bar tape and grip custom are recommended! When you do a long ride in the summer, sweat will make it difficult for the handle to grasp, and it will definitely increase the ease of gripping. In addition, just by changing the impression around the handle will make the color of the entire vehicle as a whole, and the atmosphere will be sharey. So, here is what I want to recommend this time! !
■ Fizik Bar Tape "Superlight" Classic 2mm ¥ 1,980- (+Tax) Direct grip feeling and thin 2mm thickness that enables delicate handling. Improves breathability and grip by drilling holes. Fijik's best -selling bar tape! !
■ Fizik Bar Tape "Performance" Classic 3mm ¥ 2,100- (+tax) 3mm thick two -layer structure, more comfortable with shock absorption than conventional products (2mm thick). The breathability and grip power are improved by drilling and embossing.
■ CULT VANS/CULT WAFFLE GRIP ¥ 1,500- (+Tax) CULT has designed the VANS shoes sole pattern, and that Made in USA grip brand ODI has been in charge of production and co -stars. Because it is a waffle grip, it is quite easy to grasp. Cospa is also an attractive product! ! We have various kinds! ! There are plenty of color variations, so please use it for the color of the body! ! By the way, you can do bar tape custom as it is with Broturs. The wage is ¥ 1,000- (TAX), so please feel free to contact us. We'll be expecting you. CAMY BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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