New 735TR SHRED 88 Custom

Hello! ! Today we will introduce the popular "Brotures Original Carbon Wheel" SHRED 88 It is a custom bike of the set, New 735TR! ! ! By setting a riser bar in this Custom, you can ride in a comfortable posture, so If you are thinking mainly about city riding and choi riding, please refer to it! ! ・ Leader Bikes NEW 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+Tax) Handle DEDA STREET ISSIMO ¥ 5,100 (+tax) Saddle FIZIK ARIONE ¥ 15,250 (+Tax) F/Wheel BROTURES SHRED 88 ¥ 55,000 (+Tax) R/Wheel BROTURES SHRED 88 ¥ 59,000 (+Tax) To the sharp and aggressive appearance frame, "SHRED 88", which is definitely noticeable By setting, lightness, speed, and appearance change at a stretch! ! Anyway, if you ride in the city, you want to ride something cool! ! ! It will arrive soon, but it is safer to make a reservation to definitely get it! ! ! Also, at the Osaka store, if you buy a car body on weekdays on a "weekday limited campaign","Knog Kransky"Lock by service I will give you! !
Screenshot 2016-06-10 15.33.31
Please consider this opportunity! ! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)