Is there any problem that the chain tension is not well conditioned or the sound does not stop even though you have customized it!?? "Cog" is the most forgotten part for customers.
What kind of parts are you currently customized!? Today I would like to introduce the importance of cog and the popular parts of cog. If the number of teeth is changed, the top speed (gear ratio) can be adjusted, and the better the accuracy, the better the sound and the tension of the chain will be smooth, and the running will be smoother. As a result, the sound is reduced. Drive line parts are very important on riding a fixie bike. If the cog you are currently using is as it is, I would like you to change it to the cog introduced from now and feel the difference in driving. Most of the changes that have been changed are the parts where you can feel the difference, so check them out. Made in USA, the most popular cog at the storeEURO-ASIA"。 It is also characteristic that the brand is extremely popular for fist riding and has little quality and accuracy roses !!! EURO-ASIA DLX 13T ~ 16T ¥ 5,830- (+tax) 17t ~ 21t ¥ 6,490- (+Tax)
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It is a basic standard model. The following high -grade models are coated on this cog, so the accuracy of the parts itself is outstanding. If you want to customize the cog first, DLX is enough. EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR 13T ~ 18T ¥ 11,000- (+Tax)
A middle grade model with plating coating on the entire DLX of the standard model above. As many professional players use. The goodness of the chain is outstanding than DLX. EURO-ASIA GOLDMEDAL 13T ~ 18T ¥ 16,500- (+Tax)
A top -grade model that has a more titanium coating to the Super Star, achieves the highest level of bite, separation from chains, and durable. Most of the high -spec fist bikes are using this cog. There are only top models, and the custom ride comfort is outstanding. The above is a cog recommended by BROTURES. If you are thinking about custom in the future, a new 735TR is also available. If you have not yet purchased the cog, you may not be able to customize it, so please customize it. U-KI.
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