Leader Bikes "725TR" 735TR "Next time, re...

Leader Bikes, which was finally lifted, popular 7 series 725TR, 735TR ... In the first term, the curtain was closed with the reservation sold out, but we have been waiting! Finally, the schedule for the next arrival is decided and the reservation will start. Reservations have already begun to fill one after another. This lineup is anxious, but 725TR is XXS ~ L size, The color is matte black
Sea form green.
Both are available from female size! 735TR is S ~ XL size, color is matte black,
Polish (silver)!
Let's introduce a complete bike here! First of all, it is 725TR, but the frame is made of aluminum, and the fork is made of carbon, so it is light enough. (Can be changed to full carbon at custom) The seat post becomes the same thickness of the seat tube, and is equipped with a distinctive aluminum aero seat post. (Can be changed to carbon at custom) Road drops are installed on the handle, so it is easy for beginners to handle, and you can hold the lower handle and speed up with a leaning posture. If you hold the upper handle, you can easily operate it even on the city! Next is 735TR, but the frame is also made of aluminum, "How is it different from 725? I think some people think, but If you look closely, the lower tube of the frame is thicker. But is it heavier than 725? Don't worry if you are worried! Compared to 725, aluminum tubes are made thinly, The aluminum alloy material has been established as aero frame lighter than 725 because the rank is higher! The handle, unlike 725TR, is installed with standard equipment and Leader Bike Downtown is installed.
If you run through the city at the fastest, this handle is decided! And don't worry about the crank custom because the SRAM OMNIUM crank comes from the 735 complete!
The regular maintenance services after purchase are provided for free, so brake wire growth, chain growth, various adjustments, inspections, etc. It is safe because the mechanic will look firmly! There is currently an exhibited vehicle at the store, so if you want to see the custom image and the real thing, please come to the store. After the arrival announcement, the reservation may be filled immediately, so if you are looking at the timing, it may be the timing now! We can order quotes, loan simulation, and apply by e -mail. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us! LEADER BIKES 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 140,000- (excluding tax) LEADER BIKES 735TR 2016 COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+tax) 725TR loan 24 times payment First time ... ¥ 7,998- After that, 23 times ... ¥ 6,600- 735TR loan 24 times payment First time ... ¥ 10,269- After that 23 times ... ¥ 8,700- → Click here to make a reservation ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Kiyo
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