Today 19:30 gathering !! Kichijoji Glue P...

Hello! Continued yesterday, it's so hot today ... It's hard to ride a bicycle if it's so hot ... No matter how many shirts you have, it's not enough. If you ride a bicycle during the day, be careful of heat stroke and hydrate well! By the way, today is a glue pride ~ I run at night, and this time it is not such a hard practice because trick practice is the main! Not only those who want to learn the trick, but also those who can do gorgeory tricks will definitely come by all means! ! Please tell me rather! smile Meeting place: Brotures Kichijoji Date and time: June 18th (Sat), around 19:15 Start: Around 20:00 Distance: about 15km (round trip) Destination: Koganei Park Please brake and light at your own risk. It would be great if there was Ayum from the Osaka store at such a time ... Let's wait and wait. We are waiting for you! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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