Keirin !!@Kawasaki bicycle racing

Last night I went to Kawasaki bicycle racing with U-Dai, 763, Nacchan, 4Low! Night racing and rain are likely to occur due to rain.
Rice shops that are causing price destruction. All are cheap!
I heard that Oden is famous, but I asked for a hot boil. Pure motsuonley without radish or no radish. This is not always the case, but good. Complete the juice!
I'm a different person, Narmi -chan is like every day, Please give up because both U-Dai were shot twice but both were half.
After this, I bought a ticket and race! !
Dance even in the rain.
Are you Ready?
GO !!!
From another angle ...
GO !!!
As expected, the form is really beautiful! The legs are also logs! Thick!
I wonder if there is a bargaining
And it's very fast! !
And the bell rings! Heat up in the hall! ! Ikora! ! ! !
Result is…? ?
What a 4Low hits triple! ! Can I use luck in such a place? Anyway, four people are excited! Cool! ! ! ! Well, like this :) Surprisingly, it's an ant even a date! ? It's exciting and it doesn't usually taste. I went by car yesterday If you are from Yokohama, you can go quickly by bicycle. This is 763 Don't go with it -lol 4Low
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)