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Hello, this is Natsuka. The day after tomorrow is my birthday, so today my grandparents will go to eat sushi with my brother's bonus. I can't just go. Isn't it good today? What are you going to celebrate? I want to ask a fool rather than that. Speaking of skid compatible tires,?
Continental gator skin! It has spread so much in our shop. By adopting high -technology that has been used for many years on four -wheeled tires, Punk resistance and decrease. Also, on the side of the tires, this is Duraskin, which is also adopted by high technology. During driving, the side hits a sharp side and punk ... This tire is perfect for those who run long distances that protect from troubles.
The price has fallen recently, and it seems to be even more affordable. Not only durability, rolling well, and good grip. Don't you think that tires will not change? It will change. Continental Gatorskin ¥ 4,095 (tax included) natsuka
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