"Alonso Tal", a team captain of leader bike At the same time as a professional rider, he shows a variety of aspects, such as being in charge of designers, photographers, and shew brand CLAE, but they are actually doing brands. MORETRACKBIKE It was a fairly good brand that gathered what he thought was cool, his archive of his photos, his own product -developed product, and for about four years. A new sit appears from such MORETRACKBIKE! The "OMAC" series designed by Alonso Tal This time, the BLACK OMAC model is the MASH main rider "CHAZ" from the science fiction! Originally, they are close friends, but even if you look at them only, it is a product that makes your heart dancing as a bicycle fan in terms of collaboration between "LA", "Leader", "SF", and "CINELLI". By the way, this is OMAC, but the kit itself is a high -end kit of "ENDO CUSTOM" which provides kits as a sponsor of the Leader X undftd team. M.I.T.I. ordered materials from Italian factories, and because of his handmade one by one at his factory in LA, the fabric and quality are very high in terms of cycle kits. The Kit made from the actual rider's perspective, such as the left pocket of sweatproofing and the earphone wire guide, adopts the original OMAC reflector camouflage. You can drive with confidence even with night ride. Model Details: Black Omac Jersey - Small. Bib --Medium 180cm 72kg The Infrared designed by CHAZ has a slightly playful design. Model Details: Infrared Omac Jersey --Medium. Bib --Medium 178cm 75kg It's a cycle kit, but in what situations you use, basically in the United States. ·race ·go to work ・ Exercise training Needless to say, when commuting, it absorbs and sweats sweating, so it does not drench with sweat than normal clothes, such as hot days or sweating, so you can ride much more comfortably. Possible. Some people come in a kit inside and wear short sleeves and harpanes on it! It is quite comfortable because it absorbs sweat under clothes. In addition, because it is easy to take off and it is quite small, it is easy to change clothes after arriving at the workplace. In addition, the same reason is demonstrated for the same reason for weekend exercises. Both can be purchased from the MORETRACKBIKE online store and shipped to Japan. The pre -order period will be accepted only for pre -ordered orders until the 24th of the United States this week, so if you miss this time, you will not be able to get it. If you are a little scared of overseas mail order, we do not handle it, but we will support you with Brotures, so please contact us. MORETRACKBIKE ONLINE SHOP
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