735TR New model custom bike is steadily f...

The other day, Repezen Sendai,Shintaro MaruyamaStore "bridge"I went to play. The shop was two -story, and the rusted rat atmosphere was outstanding. The first floor has a chill space and a lamp, and the second floor is a shop, and there are a lot of attention brands such as Evisen, a domestic brand, TBPR and Skate Jawn.
And as usual, I got the coach jacket and headed for the curry shop "Yaman" , Yaman lol However, the taste was a shocking taste for the first time, with a depth that deviated from the name of the West Side atmosphere.
BROTURES is called Uncle Curry, so we guarantee it. It's really delicious. Please go if you have the opportunity. The story has shifted greatly, but the new 735TR that has finally arrived I was fluttering for the customer waiting for delivery for a while, but I made such a custom bike.
First of all, the foot is a standard equipment, and when SRAM OMNIUM is included, it is a finish that sets it apart from the past 735TR. If you enjoy 735TR for a lifetime, you don't need to change your partner. And this guy, a dirty look San Marco Rolls
This model, which has a reputation for fit, is an item that is easy to step on for those who do saddle customs for the first time on a cushioned seat. The racing saddle hurts, and it's recommended for people! Indeed, I want to run in the city comfortably, lightly, and cool! It is a one that fulfills such a wish. And the next custom bike is 735TR Polish, which is newly arrived.
Actually, it has come in more than planned, so there are still a few surplus. If you are considering purchasing, or if you are informed that you have sold out, please contact us now. We look forward to your visit with a full weekend stock. 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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