DOSNOVENTA Detoroit2.0 Custom Bike

Hello! Today is the sunny weather after a long time! ! Is it finally the end of the rainy season? ? Of course todayDosnoventaWe also have an order meeting and parts sale, so please come and visit us! ! By the way, according to the order meeting today,DosnoventaI tried to make a custom! ! Moreover, it is rare in Kichijoji ".Detroit2.0"That's! I feel like I've seen it after a long time, but it's cool! !! This frame is characterized by the pashute frame and unusual coloring,DosnoventaIs an outstanding accuracy because it is an Italian handmade. Look at it and get on it. There is no chance! ! Frame: Dosnoventa Detroit2.0 Handle: Leader Bikes Downtown STEM: DEDA ZERO100 SeatPost: DEDA SUPER ZERO Saddle: TNI BLACKFETHER Wheels F: BLB NOTRIOUS 05 Wheels R: BROTURES SHRED88 DosnoventaIt will be perfect for any custom! ! So, I think it's one hand to embark on a transfer ~ Even if you start with a completed car¥ 250,000- (+tax)You can get on it, so if you think about daily transportation expenses, it's a cheap shopping! ? I also commute by bicycle, but it's really pleasant to be able to start with my partner in the morning! ! I think it's a favorite one without a compromise to become a daily partner! ! That will continue to love! ! I'd love toDosnoventaI hope you can come to an order meeting with many lineups! ! There is no such timing ~
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On this occasion,Get DOSNOVENTA GoodsLet's start running to the city! ! Definitely, your lifestyle will be rich! ! First of all, I hope you can consult with anything. Then we look forward to you! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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