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Leader Bikes representing California. Currently, it will be hard to deny that it is a brand that represents the piste industry, both globally, in Japan. By the way, Leader Bikes was originally born in 1999 in a city called San Diego in Southern California. At the time of its founding, it mainly manufactured and sell road bikes and mountain bikes rather than a fixie, but the encounter with a man around 2004 brought a turning point to Leader Bikes. Yes, the man is "Emi Brown". At that time, Emi, who was a messenger as an original member of Mash at SF, broke the fork in an accident during the shooting. At that time, he contacted Leader Bikes's founder SAL. SAL accepted the request and immediately sent a replacement fork to the EMI. From there, EMI starts riding Leader Bikes. However, the times were still strictly strict with the pisto culture, and at that time it was a vehicle that some people rode, but the founder SAL decided to take a serious point in the fixie by encountering EMI and promoted product development. Go. Then, with Mash launched a DVD from 2006-2007, the first pisto boom is in the United States, around 2008-9 in Japan. The leader who had a rider at the time Mash rushed to Stardom at the same time. However, in order to reach the position to date, another man was needed. That is a man named Massan Fluker. He has been a fixer in science fiction since 2001, and was like a real brother. As the EMI was on the leader, Massan began riding as a Leader Bikes rider. This man named Massan Fluker is the same as the EMI, and both are legendary men in the pisto culture that is not an exaggeration to create this culture. After that, the first pisto boom ended,Around 2010-2011The first generation told the end. Even in Japan, the Road Traffic Law of the Bicycle has been amended since 2012-2013, and the society has become stronger, especially for those who have been riding since the first generation, and it can be said that the first generation has ended. Isn't it? But in the United States, not only EMI, MASSAN, but also many riders who followed as a Leader Bikes rider to play a second generation.
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The most important person in talking about the second generation is leader bike Alonso Tal and Mash's CHAS CHIRISTIANSEN. Among them, a man named Alonso Tal is a man who cannot be overlooked in talking about the LA piste culture, the second generation west coast.
While he is a photographer and a designer, he is an African American with a multi -talented talent that has not been in the piste industry, which has also managed to market a shew brand CLAE and operates his brand "MORETRACKBIKE".
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San Francisco, a clear symbol of Mash, PUNK ROCK white pisto culture, Los Angeles symbolized by LEADER, Hip Hop Black Pist culture has become clearer, and in the United States gradually in the United States. It is expanding, but let's write this on another blog later.

By the way, many pisto brands have been born and disappeared from around 2010-2012, the first generation of the first generation. There is no piste brand, but the culture was created, survived the time when it grew, and the brands that grew up with the culture, and the brands that came out later.The former value is that no matter how much marketing you market, you can't buy it with money.I personally think that it is very different.

Both cars, motorcycles, fashion, and culture brands have a responsibility to be responsible for thereafter, but worth buying money.

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It is common in the fashion industry, but if the market size is expanded to some extent, it is natural that the number of brands that sell at a lower price will increase by reducing mass production and production costs with similar designs. The motorcycle market has happened in the last five years.

As the number of promotion brands increases so much, in Japan, the standing position of the piste bike is positioned as "part of the lifestyle" and "part of fashion", which creates a new tide of the second generation. 。 What I would like to pay attention to here is that large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, which are relatively small like NYC, are easy to accept bicycles as part of their lifestyles. It is "existence". For leader bikes, main riders such as EMI and MASSAN basically liked street rides in SF, LA, NY, so we found the streets on the street before any brand, and developed product development for that. I have done it. Rather than a piste bike as a truck competition, it will quickly find the position of "street adult toys", and no one will doubt that such branding has spread to the world.
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Further,Not only as an adult toy of the street, but also as a part of fashion, he has been working on branding since 2011. In Japan, the streetwear brand "Nitraid" in 2012, "BACK CHANNEL" in 2014, "VANS" in 2014 in 2014, and in 2016, "Undefeated" in 2016, etc. He has worked hard to make more people know the goodness of street fixes, not just bicycles. At the same time, celebrities in various fields, people with high sensitivity, magazine editorial departments, and sharp fashion sense acknowledged the charm of leader motorcycles, and gradually stayed in the grassroots, gradually staying as the leader, but also fixes. I feel that the goodness is starting to penetrate the world.
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The boom of a fixie bike may have left. However, I personally, the boom occurs from the end of the growing period to maturity as a certain industry, and the culture of fixie bikes is still around 10 years and has not been in the middle of the growing season. I think. In fact, as of 2016, more and more people are riding in the first boom, and the exposure of the media and the media has been overwhelmingly high. The development of the future pisto culture is unknown,"Visual beauty and original brands and the value of original brands that make people who do not know the bicycle are" "" ""I feel that there is no doubt that the "leader bike" brand is needed. By all means, I would be very happy if it was a little recognized as this culture existed through this blog and how history it has passed.
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